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Goody Clancy Welcomes New Employees

2023 has been an exciting year of growth for Goody Clancy, and we’re thrilled to share some wonderful new additions to our team! 

Architect John Benson brings a wealth of experience to the design and coordination of projects focused on scientific research and discovery. He tackles complex design challenges with a steadfast commitment to clients and the communities they serve. 

Laura Carless is eager to use the built environment as a tool to enhance environmental awareness and maximize community impact, fueling her desire to design spaces that support student health and wellbeing. 

Inspired by family influences and cultural experiences, Alicia Does explores the ways in which architecture can enrich learning and creativity, helping encourage students to forge their own paths.  

Nina Huttemann draws on the design and engineering qualities of architecture to bring historic buildings into the present, creating sustainable spaces where people feel they belong. 

In his role as a Building Science Specialist, Jiewei Li uses qualitative and quantitative research analysis to align sustainability practices with design goals. He believes a sustainable built environment is made better by diverse perspectives, disciplines, and people.  

While studying at UMass Dartmouth, Emily Moreau gained a genuine appreciation for mid-century, brutalist architecture. She is eager to reduce architecture’s carbon footprint through building reuse and preservation.  

A quintessential LEGO kid, Dominick Stanco has always been a problem solver. In his current role, he is working on sustainable projects that set new standards for decarbonizing the built environment.  

Connor Tiches explores different design perspectives within the digital and physical realms. Through his work, he embraces new ideas, balances constraints, and seizes opportunities to grow. 

Jaime Toro applies a love of history and art to his work. He contributes to design, coordination, and digital production across a broad range of responsibilities, ensuring successful project outcomes. 

We’re excited to have these new voices and perspectives enriching our work. If you’re interested in joining our team, we encourage you to check out our careers page for more information on job postings. 


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