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Laura Carless


Growing up in Buffalo, New York, Laura developed an innate curiosity about the richly architectural and evolving urban landscape which surrounded her. Daunted at first by the idea of pursuing architecture professionally, a sculpture class inspired her to explore 3D forms in new and expressive ways, eventually leading her to fully embrace the discipline.

Joining Goody Clancy, Laura is thrilled to contribute to a firm that prioritizes environmental consciousness and community impact. Her enthusiasm for working with youth, fostered during her time with AmeriCorps Jumpstart, now fuels her creation of inspiring learning spaces. Notable among her work is a university health, wellness, and recreation center designed with the goal of connecting students to the natural environment and the surrounding campus.

Beyond her architectural pursuits, Laura has a penchant for all things antique, vintage, and quirky. Her weekends often involve scouting estate sales and markets, perpetually on the hunt for unique accents that resonate with her Scandinavian grandma-inspired interior aesthetic. She is also an enthusiastic aunt, a devoted cat mom, and a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie enthusiast.

The most rewarding part of any project is building relationships with people. Whether working with clients, community groups, or final occupants, a collaborative design process offers opportunities to make a different in someone’s daily life, sending positive ripple effects into the surrounding community.
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