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Vanderbilt University
Warren & Moore Residential Colleges

Warren and Moore advances Vanderbilt’s campus-wide student life initiative. The Colleges integrate residential, dining, classroom, and shared social spaces to build community at multiple scales.

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Synergizing residential life with academia to elevate the campus experience

At Warren and Moore, students with shared academic interests reside together in halls overseen by residential Faculty Directors–resident professors who actively contribute to the intellectual and social life of the community. This living-learning approach encourages interdisciplinary conversation, promotes mentorship, and cultivates strong social networks.

Lounges, study spaces, communal kitchens, and other shared spaces are woven into the fabric of the halls to support these living-learning aspirations. At the heart of the complex lies the Kissam Center, an inviting social space that’s home to a food market, classroom, lounges, and two stunning, multi-story Great Halls.

Community at the college scale is broken down into multiple halls. The Kissam Center is the heart of the complex as well as a campus-wide amenity.
Great Halls in the Kissam Center offer inviting, sun-soaked spaces for informal collaboration, and can be easily reconfigured for larger campus-wide events
670 students is a big complex, but by shaping two separate colleges each around its own courtyard, and breaking down that scale further into halls and floors, we create layers of community that, broadly, supports student belonging. Headshot of Lisa Ferreira with gray background
Lisa Ferreira Principal / Student Life Practice Leader
Project impact
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    Underground parking spaces, concealed by the sloping site beneath the structures and courtyard

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    Seats in the Kissam Center classroom, providing a unique space for teaching and learning within the residential complex

This integration of living and learning–the fact that everyone can participate in something that is central to the University’s academic mission–is what makes College Halls so unique.
Tony FortDirector of Architecture and Construction

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Smith Seckman Reid

Smoot Associates

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