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Michael Feely

Director of Laboratory Planning

Headshot of Michael Feely with gray background

In high school, Michael decided on a whim to take an elective on drafting and residential construction and was instantly determined to pursue a career in architecture. All the new things to learn, problems to solve, designs to create, and experiences to curate remain intoxicating for him to this day.

As Goody Clancy’s Director of Laboratory Planning, Mike supports internal teams and facilitates collaborations with specialty lab consulting firms with whom he works. His deep understanding of research spaces, knowledge of lab standards, and background in construction administration allow Mike to add value to projects at all phases, from initial study to construction completion.

When Michael isn’t immersed in a project, he can be found reading nineteenth and twentieth-century history and biography.

What I love about Goody Clancy is that we are always learning new things and pushing the boundaries with this knowledge, whether that’s implementing cutting-edge thinking in sustainability, or developing a new research environment that goes far beyond the fume hood and the lab bench.
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