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Kevin Minster

Director of Operations


Kevin Minster is a problem solver. Always has been.

As a kid, he applied his skillset to Legos, 3D puzzles, and the like. Now he applies it to Goody Clancy’s firm operations and project management. His ability to understand challenges from multiple perspectives enables him to problem-solve with great efficacy and clarity.

Kevin oversees project staffing, planning, and management; employee recruitment and development; as well as firmwide systems and strategies. He also analyzes and manages firmwide data on project fees, costs, contracts, and schedules that drive the firm’s business forecasting. Prior to assuming his current role, Kevin served as project manager on notable firm projects such as the Barone Campus Center Addition and Renovation at Fairfield University. During his architectural career, he gained high regard from clients for his efficient and effective communication—skills which remain incredibly beneficial in his operations role.

Kevin was an accomplished amateur musician in his younger years, recording and publishing several albums of original music. He was also a trained dancer—tap was his favorite.

I enjoy working with good people, internally and externally, to make a difference for people through architecture: executing the work and helping others—through my operations role—to succeed in doing the same.
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