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Jim Clifford

Senior Associate

Headshot of Jim Clifford with dark gray background

In elementary school, Jim was fascinated with ancient Egypt and Greece; his childhood dream was to become an archeologist. He eventually realized, however, that it wasn’t the act of unearthing pyramids and temples that excited him most, but it was the structures themselves. He’s been learning about and engaging with the built environment ever since.

Jim is a seasoned architect with responsibilities spanning from project management to firmwide involvement in risk management, contract review, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. A natural organizer and problem-solver, he is skilled in forecasting design challenges and in developing strategies unique to each project. Jim is also active in the Design Professionals Risk Control Group and the firm's Exterior Envelope Committee. He appreciates his dual role as both a project manager and technical advisor, and he finds meaning in helping to shape environments which leave a tangible impact on the world.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone as passionate about skiing as Jim. His winters are spent in the mountains, and his summers are spent dreaming about the winter. According to his wife, he may be a bit obsessive. Jim doesn’t disagree.

I love that as an architect I’m part of a process that leaves a tangible impact on the world, both now and into the future. The buildings we design help shape the lives of many people, and that’s incredibly rewarding.
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