As President of Goody Clancy, I’m very pleased to introduce you to our new website and blog. For a design and planning firm, creating a new website is a time for self-assessment and reflection. How can we contribute to shaping stronger, healthier, more vibrant and equitable places for our clients and their communities? How can we be better stewards of the built environment we have inherited? How can we change and adapt to be more effective in our architecture, planning and preservation practices? How can our work be transformative in enhancing daily life on campuses, in our public places, in our cities and towns? How can we shape places that inspire the people who occupy and use them daily?

The website we are launching today provides partial answers as to how we respond to these questions. It provides a snapshot of our recent work, our culture and aspirations for the future. We hope to use this blog to continue this conversation within our firm, share our thinking and learning with the larger community, and benefit from the conversation that ensues.

Today we’re announcing an expansion of our leadership team: Zsuzsanna Gaspar, Lisa Ferreira, Arjun Mande, Victor Ortale and Todd Symonds have already made major contributions to our work and in their new roles will contribute even more. As a 100% employee-owned firm, we’re excited by the energy, drive and commitment that a new generation of emerging leaders has brought to our office in the years that have followed the recession. We’re also proud of the accomplishment of our colleague Jean Carroon, FAIA, who was recently named to a very select group of LEED Fellows by the U.S. Green Building Council for her contributions to creating a stronger more sustainable built environment. I feel honored that my colleagues have asked me to take on the role of firm president as we launch a new chapter in our history.

Lastly, I want to thank Paul Regensberg and his creative team at RainCastle Communications for their leadership and insight in helping us to shape our website and blog. Like the best collaborations, we learned from each other along the way.

Please check back here regularly as we continue to share what we learn, and intend to learn more through sharing.

Please join us in this conversation.


Practice Areas: Architecture, Planning, Preservation
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