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Will Evans


Headshot of Will Evans with gray background

Will has always felt a gravitational pull toward activities which blend creative expression with technical problem-solving. In his professional role as a designer and digital lead, he gets to draw upon both strengths. Will is constantly seeking ways to clearly communicate design ideas to clients, consultants, and project teams, sometimes by crafting physical models and other times by managing the day-to-day digital workflow of project files and data.

Passionate about sharing the power of hands-on experimentation, Will is most proud of his work in the BeND Digital Ready Summer Studio, where underserved high school students were given the opportunity to explore their creative potential through design and fabrication. His affinity for experiential projects extends to his personal life, too; Will is a skilled woodworker and pottery artist.

Goody Clancy’s commitment to sustainability and climate action excites me incredibly. Sustainable design never takes the backseat in our projects, it is always priority number one.
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