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Tanisha Kalra


Tanisha’s earliest perceptions of space were formed during childhood games of hide and seek, where she enjoyed peeking out from secret hiding spots in her neighborhood. Even at an early age, she was attuned to the fact that space is experienced differently by everyone—an inaccessible nook for an adult was her perfect hiding spot.

Tanisha's professional architectural career took root while working at Ensamble Studio in Madrid, Spain. During her year-long tenure, she delved into prefabrication techniques, explored diverse building materials, and had the opportunity to travel to ten countries. These experiences ignited a new passion for construction and reinforced her desire to create user-centric, sustainable environments that support individual and collective well-being.

Beyond architecture, Tanisha is always game for a new adventure. She recently took up skiing and discovered a love for hiking. She’s also a dog enthusiast, always up for outdoor adventures and furry cuddles.

Seeing people truly enjoy the spaces we design underscores the profound influence of a healthy environment on our well-being.
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