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Scott Yagel


Headshot of Scott Yagel with gray background

Scott Yagel loves having things in order. But he also loves working with others and fostering team spirit. That’s why he was drawn to Goody Clancy, where he found a positive, can-do culture and the opportunity to tackle challenging financial projects.

Scott’s responsibilities include invoicing, expense report processing, consultant compensation, collections, and payroll processing. His work has shined on projects on which complicated invoicing requirements including the TK building at Swarthmore College, which have drawn on his required problem-solving to overcome skills complicated invoicing requirements.

Though Scott’s analytical skill set governs his career, he’s also passionate about complementary health. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Massachusetts and New York and has had his own practice since 2000. He’s also actively involved in his home community of Provincetown, Mass, where he sings tenor in the choir at his church (Saint Mary’s of the Harbor) and enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter (CASAS).

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