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Sara Elsa-Beech


Headshot of Sara Elsa-Beech with gray background

Growing up in New York City, Sara saw an urban environment challenged by neglect, and witnessed the effects that improved architecture could have on both people and place. Now, she feels privileged to help reimagine spaces that are accessible, impactful, and support the missions of educational institutions and their communities.

As a senior architect and project manager for Goody Clancy, Sara focuses on education projects which are highly sustainable and technically complex. She is an expert in renovation, restoration, and adaptive reuse, programming and early design, as well as classroom, library, and teaching lab design. She implements the project vision from concept through to its completion, and always finds the process worth the effort when the building’s dramatic impact is finally realized—even when this is a five-year process!

Sara loves finding new insights and connections by reading about anthropology, psychology, and science. She is an avid hiker, and her ongoing personal project is the gradual electrification of her 125-year-old house.

The most rewarding part of our work is that we have the opportunity to improve the physical environment for others, and see outdated or rundown structures reactivated for people, offering them exciting, new experiences.”
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