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Paul Santos

Senior Associate

Headshot of Paul Santos with gray background

When he was young, Paul struggled in school because he lost interest in materials and concepts that were difficult to grasp. This experience inspires him to help others by communicating ideas in clear and easily digestible ways. He was eventually led to architecture by watching Bob Vila host the home improvement series “This Old House.” At Goody Clancy, Paul’s artistic skills transform visions and technical details into bold visuals which allow audiences to immerse themselves in a project before it is built.

Paul provides graphics support to teams across the firm from design visualizations to marketing efforts. His work has allowed for successful stakeholder and community engagement workshops across dozens of projects, making feedback simple and straightforward for everyone. He is responsible for giving projects their own visual identity, as well as producing interactive meeting materials, presentations, and community input summaries. Paul has been instrumental in shaping Goody Clancy’s new brand identity, and in making its realization a collective, firm-wide effort.

Paul was once a gymnast; he quit when he was told he’d have to give up candy (zero regrets). He also was once on stage in a production of Hamlet when an elastic on his costume snapped and his pants dropped to the floor (many, many regrets).


I find it so exciting to be part of a project even before we win it. There are many brilliant ideas that come from the very beginning of the design process and get carried through to the end of the project, and it’s always interesting to see how those initial ideas have evolved into something special.
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