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Muna El-Taha


Headshot of Muna E-Taha with gray background

Muna has been making things since she was a kid, from obstacle courses to clothes for dolls, jewelry, and art. She loves pushing creative boundaries and solving puzzles, a skill she practices when piecing a building together. She’s inspired by the range of architecture and urban design around the world, and how culture, identity, and design interconnect at scales ranging from the home to the city plan.

As an Architectural Designer at Goody Clancy, Muna is involved in a range of tasks on projects including design, documentation, and coordination with consultants. She enjoys creating spaces where students can explore their interests, build friendships, and generate new ideas together. She’s contributed to multiple renovation projects, breathing new life into buildings such as the Boston University Center for Brain Recovery and the historic Megaron at Worcester Academy, fulfilling the structure’s original 1900s design intent. Muna also runs Goody Clancy’s PIC program, leading design discovery lesson plans, or “architecture crash courses”, for interns in coordination with project teams.

Muna enjoys spending her free time experimenting with new baking recipes, techniques, and flavor combinations. She also loves her many plants which are slowly taking over her apartment. Because of this, she’s known for gifting propagated plants to colleagues.

One thing that I love about our work is that when presented with the same problem, the outcome is always different. With every project, we get to explore new ways of thinking, designing, and problem solving to best fit the needs of the people and place.
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