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Kristen Caulk


Headshot of Kristen Caulk with orange background

Kristen's passion for architecture is deeply rooted in her love of historic buildings. Through the restoration and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, Kristen firmly believes that we can not only preserve our history, heritage, and craftsmanship but also make a more sustainable choice for the future.

Kristen's expertise lies in analyzing and documenting existing buildings, as well as translating drawings into 3D models that provide an accurate representation of the building's current conditions. Her precision and meticulousness help our design teams make informed decisions during the design and construction phases by identifying any possible issues early in the process. Moreover, her efforts contribute to creating designs that are respectful of the original design and structure, ensuring additions or modifications are sympathetic to the building's historic character.

Beyond her work, Kristen's culinary interests reflect her love for exploring and preserving culture. Growing up in Louisiana, she developed a taste for the classics of Cajun and Southern cuisine. She enjoys experimenting with new flavors and techniques, and eagerly attends festivals, parades, and other cultural events to broaden her culinary and cultural horizons.

I believe that we can use the technology available to us today to preserve historic buildings and keep them in use for generations to come.
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