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Josh Swasey


Headshot of Josh Swasey with gray background

Josh Swasey comes from a line of carpenters, so building things has always been a part of his life. After high school, he went into the family business before realizing he wanted to design the things he was building.

Today, Josh manages many of Goody Clancy’s projects; he interfaces with clients daily and shepherds projects through design to construction. Known for his fun, creative spirit, Josh infuses positivity into his work and enjoys mentoring younger staff members. He has provided meaningful contributions to projects such as the historic Balch Hall renovation at Cornell University, a project which has also tapped into Josh’s passion for building reuse.

Though he is a people person, Josh also enjoys escaping in nature to garden or fish. His love for the outdoors once inspired a solo, cross-country road trip that spanned 45 days and 32 states. During this adventure he floated down a river in Colorado, attended Burning Man, and had a way-too-close encounter with a bear in Montana.

I really enjoy seeing the fruits of our collective labor come to fruition. Designing something, documenting it, and then shepherding in through construction really is the essence of architecture.
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