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Jennifer Kozubek

Operations Administrator

Headshot of Jennifer Kozubek with dark gray background

Jennifer is skilled in bringing order to chaos. She ensures firm processes and procedures operate smoothly and efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Her role encompasses contract management, human resources, firm licensing and registration, insurance administration, archival management, and project data management.

As someone less-inclined toward the arts, Jennifer enjoys working side-by-side with creative thinkers who share her passion for climate justice and sustainable design. She is a reliable resource to project teams, helping to support their success by employing thoughtful problem-solving skills to her operations tasks.

Jennifer is a firm believer that foods make the best pet names: Her dog, Cocoa, and cat, Chowder, are central to her life in historic Salem, Massachusetts.

I enjoy helping Goody Clancy team members solve problems as the go-to person for firm resources.
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