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Jason Lee



Jason is passionate about human-centered design that strengthens communities and promotes inclusivity. Upon learning about Goody Clancy’s higher education portfolio and ESOP status, Jason was eager to join our collaborative team of design professionals whose community-centered design values align with his own.

As a designer, Jason has worked on affordable housing and urban design projects across Europe and Asia, collaborating closely with large design teams and stakeholders to create a variety of public spaces and urban amenities. Prior to joining Goody Clancy, Jason led a consultancy focusing on the intersection of strategy and design, helping clients promote equity in the civic realm. He brings this passion for equity to his work at Goody Clancy, thinking critically about accessible and inclusive student spaces and bringing them to life through model building, illustration, and collage.

Out of the office, Jason loves mountain biking and restoring vintage cars. One day, he hopes to have a garage where he can work with bikes and cars year-round.

I love experiencing a space I designed for the first time and then I love seeing how users adapt the space to meet their specific needs and tastes. My hope is that I can contribute to creating a vision of architecture and urbanism that embodies my values of justice, equity, and democracy.
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