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Jannet Arevalo


Headshot of Jannet Arevalo with dark gray background

Jannet was first introduced to drawings and the concept of urban representation while watching her grandfather draw topographic plans for the military. During her undergraduate studies, she also learned that her former home in Lima, Peru, was part of a famous social housing project—inspiration for her ensuing focus on architecture and urban design.

Jannet’s work prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility. She enjoys collaborating with institutions to innovate spaces that respond to evolving community needs. Her work, which embodies a diverse range of projects, is rooted in a holistic understanding of how public infrastructure, neighborhood development, and social communities interact with one another.

Jannet is a skilled community engagement facilitator, and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. She tries always to enrich her work with different, diverse points of view.

In the field of higher education, we, as designers, are also always learning. It’s very rewarding to work with institutions that are always trying to break boundaries.
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