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James Charves


Headshot of James Charves with orange background

A life-long native of Boston, James grew up fascinated by a world which lies just beneath the surface: the subway. While riding the Orange Line, he became fascinated by the subway’s ability to move people efficiently, while remaining imperceptible from the city above. His interests later surfaced to the built environment above ground where buildings, streets, and districts interact to form architectural ecosystems.

James can be found doing a variety of tasks on any given day. At times he is fully devoted to helping advance design solutions early in a project, and at others he is engrossed in managing and coordinating consultants during construction. He is passionate about his work with existing and historic buildings, which he views as remarkable opportunities to meet the needs of our climate future while producing meaningful impacts on the physical and emotional well-being of a building’s occupants.

James loves to cook. He is one of three Goody Clancy employees who's a member of an exclusive heirloom bean club (can you guess who else?), and he is a regular at the old Italian butcher shop in his neighborhood.



To work on college campuses is to engage with some of the most dense, livable, and walkable communities in the country. I find their inherent range of scale fascinating and enjoy my role helping to shape the education landscape.
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