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Jake Hyde



Lincoln logs, wood blocks, and Lego sets built the foundation of Jake’s childhood. Beginning at an early age, he’s always been fascinated by the mechanics of building structures and the art of drawing them.

Jake’s design approach is human-centric and rooted in the belief that architecture can be transformative at any scale. He has a keen interest in strengthening the ties between academia and the profession, believing the two can inform each other in meaningful ways. At the University of Texas at San Antonio, he co-led a graduate-level studio that challenged students to use design as a connective tool, bridging the needs of two cities on either side of the Rio Grande River. These research-driven projects engaged ecologists, conservationists, local representatives, and U.S. Consulate members, resulting in a binational exploration that brings communities together across a divide that once forced them apart.

In his leisure time, you might find Jake engaged in any number of activities. His interests span a spectrum, from writing to boxing, hiking to cooking, and singing to swimming. One thing you can count on: he’ll have a strong cup of coffee in hand.

I think architecture is at its best when it’s three things: Activated, Aspirational, and Approachable. Having one is good, two is better, but I have a firm belief that you need all three in order to transform a place.
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