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David Spillane


Headshot of David Spillane with dark gray background

David is passionate about the transformative possibilities of design—at every scale, from the individual building to the campus, or for an entire district or community. He relishes opportunities to work collaboratively with diverse groups to shape plans and designs that enrich human experience and create equitable and sustainable places. His work in education includes leadership of campus planning initiatives as well as neighborhood and downtown plans involving partnerships between campuses and their host communities.

As Goody Clancy’s President, David leads vision setting and strategic planning and is responsible for the firm’s overall performance. He believes that realizing the firm’s mission requires a deep organizational commitment to support continuous growth of every team member, from mentoring the newest intern to challenging the most seasoned architect.

Growing up in Ireland near the ocean, David developed a lifelong affinity for waterfronts of all kinds. He feels privileged to have contributed to the renaissance of the Boston waterfront, including as a Board Member at the non-profit environmental organization, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, which named him a Boston Harbor Hero for his contributions to the renewal of Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. Not afraid of getting a little wet, he is an avid kayaker and enjoys exploring the rugged beauty of the Maine coast—from just above water level.



I am passionate about the possibilities of bringing people together to collectively envision change, build a coalition for change, and execute change. It’s what we do internally to model new standards for ourselves and our profession, and what we practice with our clients and their communities to impact the world.
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