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Daniela Hernandez


Assoc. AIA
Headshot of Daniela Hernandez with dark gray background

Daniela’s affinity for architecture budded in her youth while playing with Legos. The beloved building blocks introduced her to fundamental lessons in spatial relationships and structural integrity, interests which were further solidified after taking an art history class in eighth grade. Ever since, she has been fascinated by the ways in which the built environment informs an individual’s view of the world.

Working closely with design teams to model and document our projects, Daniela is an organized and perfectionistic designer. Her commitment to accuracy and legibility reflects her respect for the architectural field. She whole-heartedly believes in the impact of building design to influence a student’s ability to learn, through comfortable social spaces, accessible labs, access to natural light, or myriad other design details.

Daniela is a voracious reader and dedicated mother to her Airdale dog, Maia, and rabbit, Layla.

I really love the idea of helping shape the spaces where new generations of students will spend their time living, learning, and growing.
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