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Charly Kring


Headshot of Charly Kring with orange background

Charly is involved in all aspects of project development, from conceptualization to construction. She is also responsible for coordinating the firm’s mentorship program with Boston’s Private Industry Council, which involves working with high school interns and hosting design thinking days.

She finds her work with higher education clients particularly rewarding, as she enjoys meeting students, professors, and faculty members and learning about spaces through their eyes. Charly's strengths as a team player with a positive attitude and her persistent, patient approach make her an invaluable member of the Goody Clancy team.

Outside of work, Charly enjoys cycling through hobbies which at any given time might include painting, knitting, gardening, playing classical guitar, drumming, sewing, yoga, and pedaling around the city on her red Bridgestone road bike.

I’m proud of the focus our firm places on sustainability and the natural integration of sustainable goals in our renovation projects. It is exciting to work with leaders who are driving the discussion around embodied carbon and preservation.
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