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Arjun Mande


Headshot of Arjun Mande with dark gray background

Arjun fell in love with architecture many years ago at a young age while visiting a 600-year-old heritage site with his father. To this day, he continues to be inspired by the interface of architecture, landscape, and cities. Arjun strives to create built environments that are memorable and engaging while working in harmony with nature.

Arjun believes that education gives people the power to succeed. He seeks to nurture curiosity, learning, and participation from diverse student communities. At Goody Clancy, Arjun provides design leadership on a wide range of educational projects. His insightful design thinking, and his ability to efficiently and effectively render his ideas, allows his team members to quickly understand the impacts of their decisions, pushing everyone to strive for design excellence with meaningful results.

As one of the firm’s sustainable design champions, Arjun has developed award-winning, high- performance buildings on many college campuses including the adaptive reuse of the iconic Boston University Admissions Center, SUNY’s Institute for Human Performance, and the Irving Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth College—the highest performing building on that campus.

When he is not at the drafting table, Arjun is chipping away at his goal of running the number of miles equivalent to the distance from Boston to Delhi and back—that’s 14,272 miles. He’s currently at a whopping 9,673 miles.


Architecture is a physical manifestation of creative instinct and experiences, a dance of designed memories unique to every individual. This organized chaos of balancing architectural desires and pragmatism excites me in every project that we take on.
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