“We Cannot Consume Our Way to Sustainability”

Sustainable design is on the cusp of a vital paradigm shift. In “Old is the New Green,” two of our firm’s most experienced and forward-thinking professionals collaborate to shed light on how and why “Preservation is Central to a Sustainable World.” Jean Carroon and Ben Carlson’s article in the Fall 2015 issue of ArchitectureBoston posits that how we treat the built environment has huge implications for sustainability. Prioritizing preservation is key to unlocking a more socially and environmentally sound future. We are at a crossroads, and need to “place real economic and social value on what already exists and the stewardship required to maintain it.”

Since its release, the article has served as a foundation for new insights on the role of preservation in innovative and responsible design. An article from NextCity cites Jean and Ben’s work, concluding that “the detrimental environmental impact of construction is an important factor to consider as city populations and new construction continues to boom around the world.” Planetizen also calls attention to “Old is the New Green,” pointing to the “inherent value in preservation.”

Jean and Ben’s work embodies our values as a firm, and demonstrates how design can transform humanity’s relationship with the Earth. Read their article, the ideas sprouting from their perspective, and consider how we can move “past our throwaway culture to a regenerative world.”


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