Irving Institute for Energy and Society Animated Fly-Through

The brand-new building housing The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth College aims to set a global benchmark for innovation and high-performance design. Situated in the heart of Dartmouth’s campus, the new facility will serve as a collaboration hub for students and faculty to apply their expertise to the study of energy and sustainability. It is the first permanent home for the Irving Institute and will connect students and faculty from multiple campus entities.

The design integrates active and passive systems for managing daylight, ventilation, and thermal comfort using healthy and environmentally friendly building materials. At the heart of the building is a large, sun-lit atrium, which serves as a dynamic “living room” for the West End of campus. The new building also features a café, project lab spaces, a sustainability office, and classrooms of varying sizes. Irving is currently targeting a net EUI of <20 and LEED Platinum certification.

Thank you to our internal team and stellar consultant team for your hard work and dedication!

Click here to watch an animated fly-through of the new facility.