“Inviting development that brings positive, transformative change”

Goody Clancy’s Director of Urban Design Ben Carlson had this to say about serving on last night’s BSA panel, “TOD: An Urban Transformation Tool.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed speaking and talking with a group of people active in planning and creating transit-oriented development. The session revealed both the deep challenges and some landmark successes in creating great urban communities with transit as a key ingredient. While creating affordable housing, jobs and authentic places around transit continue to face real obstacles, we see communities increasingly interested in inviting development that brings positive, transformative change to their quality of life, and developers and designers who bring creative solutions that achieve community goals. Moving forward, there was strong interest in seeing the presence of cars around transit continue to diminish, as a culture of embracing walkable, mixed-use places with multiple transportation options matures and places higher value on places designed around people.”