Goody Clancy’s Wichita Master Plan Guides City’s Transformation

Goody Clancy is always proud to see the implementation of our plans. Specifically, a decade after Goody Clancy—through the work of Director of Urban Design Ben Carlson—supported the City of Wichita, KS and the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC) in creating the Wichita Downtown Revitalization Master Plan, the Wichita Business Journal outlines recent housing advancements. These developments include a $23 million mixed-use Spaghetti Works project that will house apartments, retail space, and offices. Last week, the City Council voted to move the development along to a community engagement phase.

Jason Gregory, executive vice president for WDDC, credits the Wichita Downtown Revitalization Master Plan for identifying the Spaghetti Works site’s transformative potential: “We view this as a game-changer…The role of this site in the master plan was always very important. It’s a huge linchpin. It would also be key to the redevelopment of Naftzger Park, which is exactly how we envision these types of public/private investments to work.”

It’s been a pleasure to see the Wichita Downtown Revitalization Master Plan come to fruition and we look forward to watching the City’s continued transformation!

 Read more about Wichita’s recent progress here: