City of Danbury adopts Downtown Danbury TOD Plan

Earlier this month the Danbury Planning Commission voted to endorse the Downtown Danbury TOD Study. Our work on this project benefitted from an engaged and enthusiastic group of champions on the Study Task Force who have continued to advocate for the initiatives identified in the plan. The City of Danbury has immediately prioritized implementation of the plan, as Mayor Mark Boughton highlighted in his annual State of the City address. So far Danbury has successfully applied for a $2 million grant to reconstruct downtown sidewalks and streetscape infrastructure and completed a public art initiative to paint utility boxes in the study area. Goody Clancy is very proud of how our collaboration with stakeholders and with City staff created a framework for land use and development, transportation and infrastructure, urban design and public spaces, and diversity and cohesion that leads to action—we can’t wait to see what Danbury will achieve next!