Design Principal Zsuzsanna Gaspar Participates in “When the Spirit Moves You: The UUA Moves to the Innovation District” IFMA Panel

On Wednesday November 12, 2014, Design Principal Zsuzsanna Gaspar will join Robert Molla, Director of Human Resources and Mark Steinwinter, Director/Information Technology Services of the Universal Unitarian Association in a discussion about their recent headquarters move. The IFMA (International Facility Management Association) event will take place at the Universal Unitarian Association Headquarter’s new flexible offices designed by Goody Clancy to promote collaboration and transparency, located at 24 Farnsworth Street in the Innovation District, and focus on the change management component that contributed to a successful transition. The design and program of the new forward-looking and sustainable headquarters reflects UUA’s vision of religious freedom, tolerance, social justice, and deep appreciation of all things living. For more information visit here.