City Council Approves Corpus Christi, TX Downtown Plan

Exciting news! The Downtown Area Development Plan for Corpus Christi, TX, was approved by City Council last week. Goody Clancy President David Spillane and Director of Urban Design Ben Carlson led this community outreach and development planning process, sparking rediscovery and reinvestment in the City’s historic downtown, waterfront, and adjoining districts. The plan’s practical strategies to reconnect neighborhoods around people-friendly streets, encourage real estate development, and motivate stakeholders to take action have already delivered substantial results.

Ben—joined by Keren Costanzo, Senior Planner for the City of Corpus Christi, and Jim Tolbert, Assistant City Manager for the City of Sandy Springs, GA—will discuss this planning effort as well as Goody Clancy’s work in Sandy Springs at the APA’s National Conference in New Orleans on April 23rd during the “Downtowns (Re)invented for Suburban Cities” session. Find out more about the session here.