Ball State University Lecture by Jean Carroon

On Monday September 30th, Jean Carroon spoke to Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning about transforming existing buildings to decrease environmental impact and improve social and cultural well-being. Her lecture touched on crucial components of sustainable preservation and the tools we need to evaluate building reuse.

In a world that faces increasingly urgent environmental crises, it is imperative for builders and planners to reevaluate their methods in order to decrease carbon emissions and increase dedication to preservation and resiliency.

“42% of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions may be associated with materials extraction and harvesting, the production, transport, and disposal of goods … every new product has environmental and social impacts which are not tracked.”

Jean’s points about our environmental impact speak to a need for a significant evaluation of current urban planning strategies and waste management. She invites us all to devise new approaches to implement sustainable consumption and production patterns, while investigating cultural preservation as one of the priority components of urban planning.

“Make reuse the default choice and demolition the last resort.”

Special thank you to Ball State University for hosting this incredible lecture!

Click here to read more about the lecture and watch Jean’s presentation.


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Greenroof – John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse, Boston, MA 

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