Allentown’s Development Milestone Reflects Goody Clancy’s 2014 Plan Recommendation

The Morning Call details a recent development milestone in Allentown, PA. The article highlights the Allentown Planning Commission’s recent approval of the Walnut Street Commons, City Center Allentown’s proposed development beyond Allentown’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) to wrap 61 new apartments around an existing Allentown Parking Authority deck.

This development project manifests an important recommendation Goody Clancy made during our 2014 downtown planning process: to set back the City’s parking structure—then in design—far enough from adjoining streets to allow for future housing to be built along its edge. This housing will connect the emerging downtown residential neighborhood with the established neighborhood to the south, creating much more walkable conditions along 6th and Walnut Streets.

Following Goody Clancy’s Downtown Development and Urban Design Plan for Allentown, PA, our planning team currently conducts ongoing design review of large development projects within Allentown’s NIZ area.

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