TOD Study Looks at Two Metro North stations in Fairfield, CT

We are proud to be working with Fairfield, CT, on a transit-oriented development study in the areas around two Metro North stations. Led by Ben Carlson, Goody Clancy’s Director of Urban Design, our team will assess market demand, analyze potential development sites, and gather community input, in order to recommend land use policy updates that can best support economic development for Fairfield. A central question is how to define the right balance between commercial and residential development in station areas.

We launched this effort with a public meeting on June 26, which provided an overview of the project intent and an opportunity for the community to contribute their priority questions and goals for the station areas. Text polls allowed us to quickly request and share community members’ priorities and ideas throughout the meeting.

We are looking forward to several more interactive public meetings during fall 2018, during which we will demonstrate and discuss potential land use policy solutions.

For more on our project kick-off meeting:

(aerial view of the Downtown Station Area)